Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mashed Potatoes in a Bacon Cone

So I've been wanting to do something a bit visual. Like art, but with food. Especially bacon. Always bacon. At first I was thinking of something like the Bacon Turtleburgers or Bacon Narwhal, but I thought that was a bit too ambitious, and judging from these results I'm right. It'll take some practice to get the hang of this. Anyways, I decided to try a simple ice cream cone first. Making a cone of bacon and using some mashed potatoes to give the whole thing an ice cream cone appearence.

The form I used was just a bunch of aluminum foil made into a cone shape, about the size I wanted.

So then I laid out the bacon in an arced weave. I laid the aluminum cone on it and just rolled the bacon around it. The top I held on with 4 toothpicks, but I actually probably should have used more. One of the unpicked pieces fell backwards. Not that that mattered in the end, because I didn't allow enough time for the bacon to become crispy. I normally like my bacon not so crispy, so I estimated the times wrong. Everything else was already cooked and ready to go by the time the bacon was cooked but not crispy, so when I took it out and went to transfer it to the plate it kind of fell apart. I pretty much just faked it and stitched it back together to just make it look good for the photo and hide my failure. Hopefully no one finds out.

So here's the finished product. Now, the mashed potatoes aren't just plain mashed potatoes. They're Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes, just add boiling water, butter and milk. But I also took the left over bacon scraps, a diced chicken breast, and some green beans and cooked them in a frying pan and then mixed them into the mashed potatoes. You can't see the chicken and bacon, but it's there. Another aspect you can't see is the inside of the bacon cone. Or bacone as I like to call it. I thought chicken and mashed potatoes also earned some stuffing, so I made some Stovetop stuffing and just put that inside the cone, to help keep the shape and to also taste delicious.

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