Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random meal

This is just a quick random meal I threw together and have thrown together before. I take some bacon and cut it up into small pieces, toss it into the frying pan, do the same with some chicken. Let that cook for a while, then add some green beans and carrots. I like to serve it on some whole grain pasta. This time I even made a (mostly) homemade sauce. I diced some onion, put it into a pan, added a can of tomato paste and one cup of water. While it was simmering I added some minced garlic. And since this dish was going to be heavily chicken and bacon orientated, I added in some barbecue sauce, which I think gave it a nice taste, making it different from normal tomato spaghetti sauce. I tried adding some Frank's Red Hot sauce to give it some spice, but I couldn't really taste it. Next time I think I'll just add a bunch more.

1 comment:

  1. I am impressed, you are becoming quite the chef. Maybe someday you'll open a restaurant .. or something like ... The Potluck Diner ....